Elijah’s EEG results are in and it reports that he didn’t have a seizure during the test.  The results also show that the frequencies of his brain waves are normal which is a very good thing!

So, I guess if there is a next time, we will have to document and possibly video record so we can show the Drs what we are seeing.

Elijah’s port removal surgery has been rescheduled for March 3rd to give him time to get over this cold that is ailing him.

If you haven’t already, please mark down in your calendars March 16-17, 2011 for the Children's Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Day in Washington D.C..

 This is an AWESOME opportunity, for those that are able to attend, to visit and speak directly with Congressional members. Each advocate, on average, will have 3 to 5 Congressional meetings. I can’t begin to express how HUGE and important this is and I am sick to my stomach that we can’t afford to go this year.  

 If you are like us and unfortunately unable to attend please pray for those that will be there. Please pray that they will have the right words to say and that those words will not fall on deaf ears. Pray that this will be the year that our federal government finally takes a stand for our Children!

For more info concerning this event you can check it out at:


Please keep all who have been affected by cancer in your prayers.

God Bless,



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