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Elijah will be 4 YEARS OLD on the 25th of this month!!!!!! (and he thinks he is ready for his own motorcycle.)
Hello all,
The date for Elijah’s port removal is Feb. 10th so please say a prayer for him concerning that.  It’s bitter sweet to see that device go but I am excited about this next step and I pray that he will never need one again! This will be surgery # 15 for Elijah and I hope that it is the last!!!

We briefly spoke with Elijah’s Neuro-Oncologist and Nurse practitioner today about some concerns we are having and they both agreed that Elijah needs to come in this friday for an EEG so please keep him in your prayers concerning that as well.  It’s been very scary a few times for us and we hope and pray that this all gets sorted out as soon as possible.  I don’t want Elijah on medicine unless we know for sure what’s going on so hopefully the test will give us some answers.

Please keep those in your prayers that have lost loved ones to cancer and those that are fighting right now. Please pray for those that are in remission and those that will be diagnosed this week.

Please keep the Drs, nurses, therapists, chaplains, c.a.’s, child life specialists, social workers, and all the care providers in your prayers. It can't be easy doing what they do every day and they need our prayers as well.

May God Bless and Keep each of you!



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